Home Community Insights BlockDAG’s X1 Miner Launch Sparks Market Frenzy: Presale Hits $48.5 Million, Outshining SOL & ETC

BlockDAG’s X1 Miner Launch Sparks Market Frenzy: Presale Hits $48.5 Million, Outshining SOL & ETC

BlockDAG’s X1 Miner Launch Sparks Market Frenzy: Presale Hits $48.5 Million, Outshining SOL & ETC

As Ethereum Classic (ETC) edges toward a potential breakout and Solana (SOL) shows signs of recovery, BlockDAG commands the spotlight. The influential YouTube personality ‘Goalorious’ has robustly endorsed BlockDAG after its electrifying Moon Keynote, igniting widespread interest and positioning it to potentially eclipse both Ethereum Classic and Solana in the crypto market.

BlockDAG’s presale has impressively accumulated $48.5 million, displaying a massive 1120% price rise from the first to the seventeenth batch and projecting an ROI of up to 30,000%, establishing it as a standout investment for 2024.

Ethereum Classic’s Market Outlook: Analyst Predictions

Crypto analyst Jack highlights Ethereum Classic’s potential for a significant uptick, pointing to a symmetrical triangle pattern that suggests a possible surge to $25 if ETC can secure a bullish breakout above its current $18 mark. However, due to its volatility, some investors are seeking more stable investment avenues.

Solana’s Price Movements: Analyzing Market Support and Resistance

Solana has struggled to maintain levels above $190, currently adjusting to $165. Despite this, investor optimism is sustained by a $700 million increase in Open Interest. If SOL can establish support at crucial levels, it might challenge the $190 resistance once again. Failure to maintain these levels could push the price down to $156, leading investors to explore more lucrative options.

BlockDAG’s Strategic Developments Highlighted by Goalorious

YouTube influencer Goalorious has shone a spotlight on BlockDAG, lauding its recent 1120% price increase and the debut of the innovative X1 Miner app during the Moon Keynote. He praised the strategic updates to BlockDAG’s technology and its DAG-based Proof of Work, which improves scalability and transaction speed.

The X1 Miner app, now available for both Android and Apple users, includes features that enhance mining efficiency and user engagement. BlockDAG’s broader strategy is to revolutionize blockchain transactions, with a testnet scheduled for mid-August and a mainnet launch within four months.

Available on Android and iOS platforms, the X1 Miner app has advanced features designed to enhance user experience and security. It includes OTP verifications to ensure security, customizable settings to cater to user preferences, and a referral system that rewards users for expanding the network. Additionally, a comprehensive FAQ section is provided to assist users in maximizing the app’s capabilities, ensuring a seamless and productive mining experience.

The impact of the X1 Miner app’s release has been profound, catapulting BlockDAG into the market spotlight. This is further amplified by BlockDAG’s dynamic marketing campaigns across major global cities such as Tokyo, Las Vegas, and London, significantly enhancing its visibility. These efforts have played a crucial role in the success of BlockDAG’s presale events, contributing to an impressive total of over $48.5 million raised and selling more than 11.4 billion coins across 18 batches.

Closing Thoughts

With significant endorsements and a successful presale that has raised $48.5 million, BlockDAG is poised for substantial growth. Its forthcoming developments and the upcoming mainnet launch present a promising opportunity for investors seeking substantial returns, distinguishing it in a market undergoing updates from Solana and Ethereum Classic.


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