Become a Legend on eMarketing with Quirk, Right There in South Africa

Quirk is a marketing agency. Born digital, driven by creativity and disciplined by results. It was founded in 1999 with an international footprint. It delivers marketing solutions for businesses and brands that seek to engage with connected audiences.  It accomplishes this through campaigns, platforms and software applications that take advantage of the rapidly evolving relationship between technology and consumer.


The success is primarily a result of how it is organised. Unlike many agencies, our model is built-for-purpose and focuses on an approach which is called  T.C.E.O.:


  • Think
  • Create
  • Engage
  • Optimise


These fields work together to result in a cohesive team capable of executing on any strategy to drive results. This is how they understand and execute this TCEO strategy:



As custodians of your brand, our Thinkers use research and insight to inform their big ideas which lie at the epicentre of the holistic strategies they craft.


From social campaigns, websites and microsites to eCommerce solutions, complex software applications and mobisites, our Creators build the digital assets that translate the strategic solution into a practical, interactive space.


To build meaningful relationships and increase the number of potential customers engaging with your brand, we specialise in Search Engine Marketing, Display Media, Social Media, CRM and Email Marketing.


As an agency disciplined by results, we believe in the ruthless optimisation of everything that we do. Using web analytics and data mining, we constantly seek to improve the user experience, conversion and performance of all your digital assets and campaigns.

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