Idea Bounty Brings Creative Minds Together To Crowdsource Ideas for Clients

Idea Bounty is the simplest way to hire 1000’s of creatives and only pay for the Ideas you want. For creatives it’s an amazing platform that allows you to pitch on various briefs.


Clients: Get thousands of minds thinking about your brief and only pay for what you use.

Creatives: Get paid for your best ideas with no long term commitment from you.


Idea Bounty is a social think tank that provides a secure channel for the world wide creative community to offer solutions to creative briefs. A reward or ‘Bounty’ is offered for the Idea that best answers the brief and the contributor of the Winning Idea gets the cash.


Creatives: The Idea belongs to you until you get paid.

Clients: You only pay for what you like. You use it, you buy it.

We want to facilitate the exchange of Ideas based on an open economy. The value of the reward will dictate the quality of the Ideas competing for the Bounty. Simple.


Now, you can register, right here to start winning. This company has a South Africa origin.

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