Before You Quit Working On Your Business Mission, Read This

Before You Quit Working On Your Business Mission, Read This

From my experiences, it is not unusual to wake up one random morning and discover that in one break of dawn all the self-confidence, pride and enthusiasm, one took great joy in building up had just flown out the window, without giving the slightest of signs. You will wonder how the low self-esteem, fear and doubts gushing out of you had crept in.

‘Where are they from?’

As if enough has not happened already, you will also be low on steam and the motivation to keep pushing and working at your business idea.

You recall all the days that have gone by and you are still far away from where you want to be.

If you are among the few who were lucky to launch their business ideas with a deep pocket, chances are that the money hammer you have been wielding tactically on your  obstacles hasn’t begun to yield results on your bottom line at this time.

Your revenue is still a light year away from the projections you made during your planning.

The sales channel you have fashioned, molded and pruned to perfection will now appear in a new light, bearing many loopholes. You didn’t put them, nobody did either.

Everyone else around you is moving. They all seem to be getting far ahead of you, while it seems life has hit your pause button.

The other business ideas you jumped to choose your current business will begin to hold more attraction and make more sense to you.

It is not an isolated experience peculiar to you.   While we pursue success with a straight and clear-cut focus, success itself runs along a winding road, full of bumps with no warning signs; and leaves emotional tantrums and mood swings in its wake.

The life experiences of an entrepreneur come strangely to new entrants with faint hearts.Your key supplier could have stopped taking your calls for the second day running. He is probably attending to bigger clients with bigger cash to spend or grappling with his own eventualities. But the timing could coincide with one of these bad-mood days and reinforce the evidence compelling you to call it quits.

A fresher in a business is always a generalist at first; doing the customer service, delivery, marketing, accounting, handling inventory and doing whatever is necessary to stay afloat. The fatigue and other side effects of these daily grinds and multi-tasks could catch a fresher off guard and put them in off mode. And that is where every step of the way could begin to fall apart and your goals begin to lose their luster.

In summary you are convinced it is time to ditch the unproductive idea and try something else.

This is only a phase in the life of an entrepreneur. Like everything that is in phases, it will pass and make way for the next phase.

Beyond the severe bashing your ego has taken, and the bitter feeling that you are stuck and have wasted your time and money, there is a success waiting for you to take it. That is only if you keep pushing forward.

Waiting sucks more when there is not an end in sight. You might not see immediate results, but as long as you are in the right track every small step and efforts you make counts. Don’t discard them.

Watch your words, even the most silent of them are powerful. How you feel about your situation will be determined by the way you think about it, and the kind of words you speak out about it.

If today you are in this phase, keep the fire burning and don’t give up.  This phase will pass, certainly.

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