Enough of the stereotypes. Not all Africans are murderers, dubious or thieves.

It’s disheartening to see how our media present Africans out there. Of course, every country has problems, but it makes no sense when all we read on papers, hear on the radio and see on television is the bad side of Africa.

I spoke with an American guy who said that the only thing he knows about Nigeria is scams. I was gutted.
Why would you assume or conclude like that?
We see American action movies and read their books, does that make Americans murderer?
We read American books and hear the news about the country, does that change anything about them?

Other countries will never come out to tarnish their own image. Only Africans would do that. Africans are always the first to wash their dirty underwear in public. It makes me wonder what we stand to gain from doing that.
Perhaps, Africans love to appear like victims. No wonder leaving the country is the dream of every African youth. They’d say they are in search of greener pastures.

I am not against anyone leaving if they see a brighter picture elsewhere, but do it respectfully. Don’t make it look like you were dying here. I spoke with a Nigerian lady in Dublin, Ireland, she told me she would never come back to Nigeria again. Her only reason was because of rats, cockroaches and lizards in the African surroundings.
I couldn’t stop laughing. Africans are the problem of Africa.

Let me ask some questions from all Africans reading this:

  • Since we’ve been badmouthing our own Africa, what changes has it brought?
  • Has it made the visa processing easy for us?
  • Has it given us bigger opportunities out there?

Break out from the poor thinking and victim mentality. You’ll always remain a second or third citizen in another man’s country. Let’s grow our own Africa.

As Africans, we need to do more. Enough of the stereotype caused by us. We made everyone sees Africa as a delicate place to visit. The news on the radio and television is appalling. You can barely hear anything positive about Africa. They are either attacking the Buhari administration or religious conflicts.

How do we attain greater heights when Africans don’t believe in Africa?
Recently, Samuel L. Jackson, an American actor, traced his origins back to Africa and obtained his Gabonese passport. Even Anthony Joshua, a British boxer still claims Nigeria.
It makes you see how people outside the country see our own Africa.

The human race is one. We Africans need to start seeing ourselves as one. No White man will come to your rescue. We are our own Messiah. Let’s stand up and fight corruption, inequality and killings in Africa.

Africa must be great again.

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One thought on “#BelieveInAfrica

  1. I love your article .Stereotyping happens for a reason ,still there are good and bad people everywhere, but the numbers matter a lot. Some kinds of crime are higher in certain places more than the other, so whoever wants to interact in such places shouldn’t neglect the available statistics. There are nice people currently living in Syria, but does that mean that one should just walk around the streets without caution? Great article .


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