Best Strategy to Sell Apps in Nigeria – A Look at Buzz City Suggestions

With the lifting of the “ban” by Google to allow most African developers to sell their apps in the Android Market, the next phase is: how will you do that?

To answer that question, we refer to an article by Buzz City where they have listed the following options, which we have added and added immediate pay:

  • Try and Buy – In this model, you give people to use the app and after a certain period, either they buy or they lose it. Accordingly to the author, this is the most popular technique.
  • Virtual goods – Here, you spend real cash to get digital assets.
  • Mobile ads – You are not interested in asking people to pay. But you are open to open the product to advertisers who will pay you and then show ads to the users
  • Mobile rewards – You can still use the product if you can do surveys and other things of value
  • Upgrades – Give the product and later when they are hooked, you can ask for payment during upgrade
  • Cross Selling – You use the hot app to promote the laggard.
  • Immediate pay – Here, you ask the people to simply pay to own the product.
  • The mix – You try all these options

The key point here is that developers must be very creative in this business. Nigerians may not see the value of digital goods, but you cannot afford to give them free. Our suggestions are: Immediate Pay or Try and Buy.

The market is still evolving and any revenue you get will go a lot way. Other methods are not matured for Nigeria. So just price the product affordable enough for people to buy. Alternatively, give them a trial period.

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