This Bra EVA Detects Breast Cancer With Biosensors

This Bra EVA Detects Breast Cancer With Biosensors

Innovation can come from any place. A secondary school student in Mexico whose mother suffered breast cancer losing both breasts has designed a bra that helps detect breast cancer.

Called ‘EVA’, the bra is designed with approximately 200 biosensors embedded in the material, to map the surface of the wearer’s breast and monitor it over time for changes in temperature, size, and weight. The latter two are an integral part of standard breast cancer exams, so including them was a no-brainer. The additional temperature sensor, meanwhile, he says helps spot areas of increased blood flow, which could indicate a tumour gestating.

There are about 1,700,000 cases of breast cancer diagnosed every year. About 8,200,000 women die from it yearly and in the development world, it takes about 8 months before treatment. So this product is indeed very vital in the fight against breast cancer. They just have to make sure that the sensors which are embedded in the bra are safe.

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Brilliant indeed and hope he can commercialize them to save more lives.

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