BrandEye, An Online Reputation Monitoring Tool, Keeps Watch Over Your Name and Brand Online

BrandsEye is an Online Reputation Monitoring Tool keeps you informed about what’s being said about your brand, and lets you mould your reputation online. This is necessary because  businesses and individuals are interested in monitoring and managing mentions of their brand online.


Many businesses invest significant resources in monitoring the conversation about their brands online. Often a dedicated team will be employed to process the results manually. The BrandsEye tool replaces this function and ensures a far more thorough, real-time and scientific analysis, in a fraction of the time.


It does the following:

  1. Track and manage all of your consumers’ conversations online
  2. Provide real-time reporting for yours and competitors’ brands
  3. Perform in-depth and immediate market research
  4. Identify risks and leverage business opportunities


And provides the following features:


  • BrandsEye’s Reputation Score plots how people perceive your brand over time. This score compares volume of conversation vs. your brand’s reputationwhich allows you to see the reputation effect of any spikes, troughs or sentiment changes in conversation.
  • BrandsEye’s Ad Value Equivalent (AVE) score assigns a monetary value to the earned media your brand receives. The value of the Social Media campaigns run by brands is often hard to quantify. With BrandsEye’s AVE score Twitter, Facebook, press and other online conversations can now be assigned a real monetary value.
  • BrandsEye automates all variables which are assigned to each individual mention found for a brand. There are more than 40 of these variables and they include Sentiment, Brand Relevancy, Media Type, Influence, Country and Language. At any time, the automation of the variables can be updated by the user and BrandsEye learns through these interactions to improve its overall accuracy.
  • Online Reputation Management is a team sport. BrandsEye provides unlimited number of staff who have access to the service with a thorough workflow system. This allows users to escalate situations to fellow team mates, make comments on specific situations (and authors) and request management approval before anything can be actioned.


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