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Brexit and The Making of the Ungovernable UK

Brexit and The Making of the Ungovernable UK

You may wonder why this village boy from Nigeria is wasting time on UK matters? People, it is a free world. And with that, this was my post (May 2019) after Brexit when I predicted largely what is happening in the UK now – . May I note that if you check this piece on LinkedIn, many pushed hard against my largely pessimistic near-term future of the UK leadership.

“UK Prime Minister Theresa May resigns. I do not know why it took so long. The fact is this: the world that United Kingdom wants will not happen in the very near future. So, they better be changing leaders because no one can take them to their designed equilibrium point. In the past, it used to be The Rise of Me Only; today, it is now The Rise of All.

“That means – if you expect the world as it was 100 years ago, you are living in an illusion. UK benefited from the world, ravaging empires from Asia to Africa; now, it wants to sleep under its pillows happily, out of the world. That will not happen. Gone David Cameron, gone Theresa May, bring the next person. It will not change UK until it realizes that the new world is The Rise of All and citizens must make adjustments for that reality.

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Next please…Boris Johnson, possibly. He will experience the same thing: sobering resignation. By the time markets begin to work on Brexit, UK will understand the world has changed…”

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Comment: Prof., it’s amazing how you accurately foretold the current happenings. But would be a possible solution, Sir?

My Response: You see my photos with the UN Secretary General, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, etc. There is a reason that happens. If a boy has a talent, the kings and queens will call to the palace. On the solutions, we do not focus on political solutions since that does not make sense. But we focus on the solutions for investors and companies. I will be in Saudi Arabia in Feb and we will discuss some of the solutions. I am thankful to God for His Grace.


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