To a Board of any insurance company, I presented this slide. I explained to the leaders that the IT they have today is merely RUNning the company. But for them to experience leverageable growth, IT has to TRANSFORM the company. In our presentation last page, we concluded: To deepen your scalable advantage and find category-king positioning in South Africa, we believe this company must evolve. Today, this firm is an insurance company that uses IT. It must become a TECHNOLOGY Company that offers insurance services if it hopes to thrive in this age.

Look at your company, and answer the questions. Understand that IT is not just having servers and computers but using data analytics, software tools to stimulate demand and drive sales, etc.

At Fasmicro Advisory, we help companies invent INNOVATION.

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2 thoughts on “Build IT That TRANSFORMS

  1. But asking IT to transform a company is akin to expecting IT to punch above its weight, any transformation that stands a chance of being successful is way beyond IT issue, it’s a management issue, at the highest level of course.

    Digital transformation is a human thing, not really technology, you bring in technology just to accomplish it, not to architect it.

    The bulk of work lies in company culture, the operational framework or processes, business model and what customer experience means to them. How the company is able to re-imagine all of these; getting the employees to have the same aspirational goal, herein lies the transformation.

    It is when you have succeeded in transforming minds, with right talents in place, only then can deployment of the right technologies to accomplish it becomes meaningful; anything to contrary is disaster in waiting….


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