Building Anticipation to Achieve Your Goals

Building Anticipation to Achieve Your Goals

Every New Year, most people come up with different goals to achieve for the year. Those goals might set due to lapses observed by each individual in a particular area. Consequently, the person thrives to seek improvement. It can be a financial ,spiritual, relationship or a personal development goal. 

Goals are set to be achieved not just for the pleasure of setting them. But most goals don’t get achieved due to one reason or the other. Reasons include lack of motivation to continue the goals, lack of focus, no solid plans, etc. One major driver in achieving a goal is motivation and it is also difficult to sustain. Building anticipation to achieve a set goal must be intentional.

Anticipation is the art of expectancy, having faith and assurance that a goal or a particular outcome would be achieved. Building anticipation is an art of building up motivation to achieve a particular result. Motivation helps us build and sustain the inner strength to accomplish a goal. Why most goals don’t get accomplished is lack of ability to sustain the motivation that initially started the goal. 

So, how can we build our anticipation to achieve our goals?

Step 1: Don’t start immediately

We are sometimes enticed to start a goal we lack motivation to achieve due to pressure we get from our peers and the society. For example a person may decide to set a goal to learn programming because of a friend who is a programmer is making a good amount of money from it. Starting immediately without the right source of motivation might hinder the goal from getting accomplished.

While building anticipation, you can set a future date – a month, a week, or a few days after the initial plan to carry out the goal. It all depends on you. And during the time of anticipation, begin to set out plans on how you are going to achieve that goal. During this period of anticipation, you will be able to discover whether you have the motivation to achieve that set goal.

Step 2: Anticipate challenges

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory .” ~ George S. Patton

Anticipating challenges set the mind in preparation for possible stumbling blocks that might hinder the success of a goal. Mohammed Ali anticipated his opponent’s next move and prepared for the next punch during training which helped him to know how to maneuver them. 

Source- Create a strong work Environment… by John Jenkins.

Step 3: Anticipate success

While anticipating, it is wise to anticipate success in whatever goal we want to accomplish. By anticipating success, we can be able to initiate and sustain the necessary motivation needed to achieve a positive outcome.

With the right source of motivation, all goals are possible to achieve. Build the right source of motivation through anticipation.

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