Building Great Companies and Brands – Tekedia Live Today

Building Great Companies and Brands – Tekedia Live Today

At Tekedia Live, the live session of Tekedia Mini-MBA, I will discuss “Building Great Companies and Brands”. My cases will be Indomie Noodles and Apple corporation.  I will explain four characteristics I have seen in great brands and companies, connecting them to the Grand Playbook of Business lecture. 

To become an enduring category-king in your business sector, you must possess these characteristics. With them, the firms build moats to protect their castles.

  • Perceptively innovative: you are always innovating. You never rest, always pushing for better products, services and experiences. You outperform competitors with new solutions for unmet needs.
  • Evidently inspired: you inspire your users. You are modern, trustworthy and inspirational, you have a larger purpose, helping people live out their own values and beliefs.
  • Ruthlessly pragmatic: your customers depend on you and you have their backs, making life easier by delivering consistent experiences. You make good on your promises.
  • Customer obsessed: customers cannot imagine living without you. You know what matters to customers, finding new ways to meet their most important. needs.

Time is 7pm WAT; Zoom link in the Board.


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