Building Nigeria’s Ant-Hills

Building Nigeria’s Ant-Hills

The ant-hills are not built by the elephants but by the collective efforts of the little ants.

– African proverb

We are the “ants” that will build Nigeria. Tell governments that we do not need anyone to waste our money on CNN, NY Times, and Economist to “rebrand” Nigeria. That has no value. Those are the elephant projects which have never added value.

We need to get back to the ants – and learn. If we “become” like them (ants can teach us many things as I noted in this Harvard Business Review piece – The Leadership Lessons of Ants), out of the global capitals, the world will see a hopeful, prosperous, and honourable nation on the horizon. From that HBR piece, we learn the following:

The ants worked as a team: I will form a team, bringing professionals together.

The ants trusted one another: I must do away with the notion that only by working alone can I ensure quality.

The ants were open: I will share the idea with like-minded people. I later got a Boston area professor to lead the design. When ants discovered food, they informed others, who came along and helped.

The ants were partners and of different sizes: I will bring help and make the task our project, not mine. As much as possible, each team member will get assignment based on his capability.

The ants were diligent and focused: The team must keep working, even slowly. Deadlines will give us focus.

The ants regrouped: I will be open to try new ideas if present ones are not working.


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3 thoughts on “Building Nigeria’s Ant-Hills

  1. The sort of National Image Project I advocated requires internal massive campaign operation, not wasteful spending on international media – those bias custodians! I have followed several international media for ages, and I don’t need to be lectured on balanced reporting, they aren’t good enough anyway, at least for now.

    Asking Nigerians to change at individual level is not a strategy, neither is it a plan; there must be a leadership, and the leadership must not be political leadership of course. In the US, once you hear Soros or Kosh, you know what comes to mind. What causes are our own billionaires funding? Activism of any type requires huge capital investment, if we think that ranting on social media channels will change much, then we have no clue on how humans behave. It’s all round assault, and you must be relentless, you don’t shout for one month and go home; people will return to their old bad habits if you do so.

    The late Dora Akunyili practically made all Nigerians to be aware of a government agency called NAFDAC. Not only that, she virtually made all Nigerians to consciously or unconsciously look out for NAFDAC No in everything they buy. How was she able to do so? Any documented literature?

    Until we get serious…


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