Business Execution And Growth At Tekedia Institute

Business Execution And Growth At Tekedia Institute

The Week 18 session of Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 2 just went live on the Board. The focus is Business Execution and Growth. I began with Driving Profitable Growth, Marginal Cost, and Scaling  and Idris Ayinde, ACA, CFA, KPMG UK concluded with Managerial Accounting, Business Decision Making and Growth. Idris, a Tekedia Institute Faculty, is simply amazing. He graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Lagos and holds the prestigious CFA charter. A chartered accountant, he has worked in three of the Big 4 accounting firms. Together, we made a strong case on why Execution & Growth is the only way for businesses to get into the castle, and thrive. There are two challenge assignments and two cases on financial ratios.

Table of Contents for Managerial Accounting, Business Decision Making and Growth Class note

  • Management Accounting
  • Management Accounting and Decision Making
  • Management Accounting – Value Addition for Sustainable Growth
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Financial Ratios and Decision Making
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Working Capital Management
  • Case Study – Financial Ratios
  • Challenge Assignments

This is world class education in any metric. Do those cases and assignments, get deep insights, and unlock growth in your company. “Execution, Execution, Execution”, from the words of Hamlet, hearing modern Lord Polonius’ “how do we grow, my Lord”? You can open the Twelfth Night, and turn it If execution be the food of growth, plan on”.

We welcome you to Edition 4 which begins Feb 8; registration is ongoing.

Note: Those quotes refer to William Shakespeare’s works. I have changed the quotes to align with my context. For records, Lord Polonius asked “What do you read, my lord?” and Hamlet responded “Words, words, words”. The Twelfth Night one was ‘If music be the food of love, play on”.  This is the handiwork of memorizing lines for plays in secondary school – they refuse to make way. But it is all fine.


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