Can you teach “ChatGPT & DALL-E 2 and Potential Business Opportunities in Africa” in our school?

Can you teach “ChatGPT & DALL-E 2 and Potential Business Opportunities in Africa” in our school?

We took a sample of learners joining us at the next Tekedia Mini-MBA starting Feb 6, on one special course we should include. The message is clear: add Overview of ChatGPT & DALL-E 2 and Potential Business Opportunities in Africa.  Of course, that is what our mission is: educate on things people care about. 

ChatGPT is a text generator  and DALL-E 2 is an image generator – and both work on natural language instructions. Both were developed by OpenAI run by Sam Altman. I just checked my emails and noticed that I received a message from Sam in April 2022 announcing their first research launch on DALL-E 2.  People, in less than a year, they have made gigantic progress – and they’re about to change the world.

So, I am reaching the world: can you help and teach this course for us? We will give you enough time to develop it since our program will run from Feb 6 to May 6, 2023.

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I listened to a science program yesterday on NPR (US national public radio) and was inspired by the young man who created an app to help schools catch essays written by ChatGPT. He had already resigned from his day job to focus on making that app better. Indeed, there are going to be opportunities. We want big thinkers to provide guidance so that our learners will play ahead.

If you have the skill and can help, please email [email protected]

(We have also written OpenAI via our contact for any material they can share. Of course, their focus now will be technical partners and not business school partners)

Tekedia Mini-MBA already offers courses on singularity and other big futurism topics, developed by eminent  global experts in the industry.

  • Exponential Technologies and Business Opportunities in the Age of Singularity – Edward Hudgins, PH.D
  • Singularities, Transhumanism, and Entrepreneurship – Gennady Stolyarov II
  • Singularity, Exponential Growth and Technology – Chogwu Abdul, PhD
  • Futurism, Malleability, and Category King Companies – Brent Ellman

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