Panabiz Introduces Canon uniFLOW in Nigeria

Panabiz has launched  Canon uniFLOW version 5 software into  the Nigerian market.


UniFLOW is a software platform and application that harmonizes operations by bringing the full value of Multi Functional Devices, MFD. It combines modularity and excellent integration to enable firms customize as per its needs and size. It comes in the ranges of  10, 50, 150 and unlimited user versions to provide scalability and flexibility regardless of business type.


It is the industry’s first single platform for the effective management of all scanning and print processes.


Panabiz uniFLOW Product Manager Tony Oluwasunhan while launching the program in Lagos stated:

“By controlling the printing, copying and scanning process of the MFD, uniFLOW allows the IT manager to administer one system with one set of user accounts and one database, thereby giving the user a seamless interaction with the MFD by being able to access all features with an interface or having to re-authenticate every time they want to use a new function”.


The key here is cost and usability and through managing these areas, the software will improve productivity in Nigerian businesses.  The modular design and scalability make the software ideal for any organization irrespective of size.  It is indeed the ultimate  end-to-end office management system that provides secure printing and copying features.


About uniFLOW v5
– As a modular offering, uniFLOW V5 is completely scalable and can meet the needs of all companies, regardless of their size or IT budget.
– Developed by NT-Ware, uniFLOW V5 transforms the way that paper and electronic documents are handled within an office.
– The next evolution allows innovative input management capabilities, thanks to the implementation of I.R.I.S scanning technology.

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