Capstone for Tekedia Mini-MBA Certificate Courses

Capstone for Tekedia Mini-MBA Certificate Courses

Tekedia Certificate courses are completely capstone-based. Tekedia capstone is a research paper or a case study exploring a topic, market, sector or a company.  You must have attended, begun or about attending Tekedia Mini-MBA to qualify to register. At the moment, we cover the following areas:

  • CLSM – Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • CSBM – Certificate in Startup and Small Business Management
  • CETS  – Certificate in Exponential Technologies and Singularity
  • CPCD  – Certificate in Personal Career Development
  • CPFM  – Certificate in Personal Finance & Wealth Management
  • CBIS  – Certificate in Business Innovation, Growth & Sustainability

Sample Topics

You will pick a topic which the Institute will approve.Then you will go and execute that project. Think of this as a final year student product in a university. We expect it to last a maximum of 3 months. The member will submit a report at the end of the capstone. For someone who wants to start a business, you may choose a topic to do market study in that sector. You design a questionnaire and execute your study. Essentially, the essence of this is to apply what you have learnt in the Mini-MBA to produce a practical business document. Here, we provide potential capstone topics (the topics are limitless):

  • Developing a digital logistics strategy in Lagos
  • Agribusiness Business plan for ABC Limited  
  • Market study for website design business in Northern Nigeria
  • The competitiveness positioning of Jumia in African ecommerce
  • The future of fintech in Ghana
  • Implication of AI technologies in African banking
  • My personal career roadmap: 3, 5 and 10 years
  • Building wealth via Treasury Bills
  • Business longevity roadmap for ABC Limited
  • Angel investing market in Kenya
  • A comprehensive business plan with market data for ABC Limited
  • Mobile banking and impact of USSD


Here are what to do:

  1. Pay for Certificate program or programs here
  2. Send evidence of payment to Admin (email below). Include the Certificate program or programs you have selected (e.g. CBIS, CPFM)
  3. Email three research topics as suggestions for Admin to approve. If you chose more than one certificate program, you need to have three suggestions for each. Where you have registered for multiple programs, we will give you enough time to work on them. You do not need to have completed Mini-MBA to begin your capstone; both can run concurrently to save you time.
  4. Begin your work and keep in touch with Admin with any question.
  5. Submit report or reports to Admin
  6. The Institute evaluates, and sends feedback. Update the report or reports where necessary and finalize.
  7. Receive your certificate (s) from Tekedia Institute for completing the work.

Contact: [email protected]

1. Register for Tekedia Mini-MBA here (Aug 10 - Dec 3). Four months, online, and costs $140 or N50,000 naira. We also have Certificate courses on logistics, startups, career dev, etc.
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