Central Bank of Nigeria Make Lagos A Blockchain Hub [Video]

Central Bank of Nigeria Make Lagos A Blockchain Hub [Video]

In this videocast, I discuss how Nigeria can become a trillion dollar economy by making Lagos or any of the major cities the hub for bitcoin/blockchain innovations. Nigeria needs sandboxes for testing models for bitcoin and blockchain across industrial sectors including banking, insurance, real estate and more. The Central Bank of Nigeria needs to put smart regulations for bitcoin and blockchain and make Nigeria the preferred destinations for innovations in these areas. The plan to stifle the adoption of these emerging technologies is not good. We must stay ahead and lead Africa, at least, and make our country the centerpiece of the future.


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4 thoughts on “Central Bank of Nigeria Make Lagos A Blockchain Hub [Video]

  1. Far from reality, why? Bitcoin got a link to the just collapsed MMM ponzi platform and the Central Bank warned against any involvement with bitcoin. It was only bank FCMB that showed interest in the innovation and was willing to tap into this new Financial Technology.
    We could talk about other blockchian cryptocurrenncy like etherum but the name Bitcoin is a kind of what the Nigerian government may not easily welcome to their structure though it is necessary.

    1. I think the focus should be on Blockchain, not just the cryptocurrency which I am not really fixated on. I want the blockchain which is a software platform for digital assets. Blockchain has no evil around it, Forget Bitcoin.

        1. We do think so especially for a country like Nigeria which can use it to leap frog many aspects of our industrial systems. Even corruption can be managed more effectively with blockchain where budgets cannot be altered by terrible people. We need to have a national strategy on Blockchain and get it going for the good of the nation.


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