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ChatGPT has blown my mind

ChatGPT has blown my mind

I have heard and read so much about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what it can do to convenience mankind but I had no idea that  it could be this savvy and sophisticated until I started using ChatGPT and it got my mind blown away. ChatGPT has really changed the game.

I am an addict of Google; I am always googling to corroborate my biases and to learn new things but if google does not sit up and step up its game (which I read that they are now toiling day and night to bring out strong competition to ChatGPT) they will lose tonnes of its users to ChatGPT including me.

Google will tell you how to make a dish, but ChatGPT makes the food for you and goes as far as spoon-feeding you the food. Mankind being inadvertently lazy and always looking for ways to save time will definitely choose a ChatGPT that will make the dish and spoon-feed them the dish over google; even the google CEO will definitely choose that.

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ChatGPT can draft that letter for you, not just write it for you but put it in the format it should be and all you need to do is to either copy it or print it out, add your name and send it; ChatGPT can draft up your Curriculum Vitae for you, ChatGPT can draft up a proposal or a pitch for you and all you will have to do is to copy it and add your name and send, ChatGPT can even draft a legal agreement or contract for you; so far as you “garbaged in” the AI the names of the parties in the contract, the date and other relevant details, the AI will “garbage out” a contract agreement for you and save you the cost of getting to hire the services of a lawyer; and the list goes on.

This morning I asked ChatGPT to draft up a pitch for me that I needed to send to someone. I only fed the Ai how I needed the pitch to look, and in less than 10 seconds I had a professionally crafted proposal that I just copied, added my name and sent to my intended recipient.

Due to the complexity of the proposal that  ChatGPT helped me to draft this morning, if i were to engage professional proposal drafters, I would have been charged nothing less than $50 for it and they would have taken more time to do it and even delayed me because I was running behind schedule hence why I decided to use a bot; I was able to save my money and save more time as it took only about 10 seconds for me to have my work done.

If you are yet to embrace this technology and use it to make your life much easier and save costs then you are sitting on a bicycle, you have been left behind.

Be it as it may, there is no doubt that there are disadvantages associated with these AIs that are taking over the world like a tsunami, but that is just what it is, every good thing always has a downside associated with it but we won’t discard it because of its downsides; the immediate disadvantage of this AI that hit me instantly while I was engaging ChatGPT this morning is that people will be out of jobs pretty soon. Once everybody starts using AI to do what humans do then the humans that do it will have no job left to do; just like i said earlier that ChatGPT can prepare a CV and Copy-write for you, the immediate example is that professional copywriters and Cv drafters will lose their jobs to AI. Even as a lawyer, my job is now at risk; I recently read in some magazines that a lawyer robot has been developed to go to courts and file motions and argue cases. Basically, to do whatever lawyers have been trained to do, can you imagine that? but honestly, I personally would rather engage an AI than engage with humans because it’s more convenient and cheaper to engage them.

Well, I look in awe to behold how much AI would have taken over the world before the end of 2023.

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