Chil AI Lab is Fighting Cervical Cancer in Africa with Technology

Chil AI Lab is Fighting Cervical Cancer in Africa with Technology

According to the World Health Organization, HPV causes approximately 68,000 cases of cervical cancer in Africa. HPV is one of the common cancer cases that affects women globally with 528,000 new cases and 266,000 deaths among women annually with most cases from the developing countries like Uganda where it is responsible for 40 percent of cancer related deaths among women.

Chil AI Lab was founded to fix this paralysis because its founder Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa, a Ugandan doctor, lost her mother to cervical cancer while she was a medical student aged 13. The company provides affordable AI powered reproductive cancer prevention and treatment solutions for all classes of women irrespective of wherever they live.

Its self testing kit communicates in real time with its Chill Cancer Free App named Keti, an electronic oncology consultant which provides information on tests conducted providing convenience, reliability and is non-invasive and non-hormonal proven.

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This innovation is timely and is needed across all parts of the African continent to help save women from one of the major cases of mortality among them. The innovation has earned the founder numerous awards which includes African Young Entrepreneurs Award 2018, African Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018 and the Takeda Young Entrepreneur Award 2018.

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