Circuit Designers And Builders: You Need To Understand IC Packages

Integrated circuits (ICs) are etched into tiny silicon chips. ICs may be part of larger electronic circuits or they may be a complete system by themselves. These components are packaged in ceramic, plastic, leadless or glass.


The sizes of the packages have assigned names and specifications. Often, we finish design with a particular IC without considering the type of packages available for such IC and the problem of soldering or placing the component shows up.


This is a common problem among hobbyists and students. In order to avoid this in your next project, try and check for the package type before you move on.


The following are the assigned names of some packages with their photos;

CBGA – Ceramic Ball Grid Array

CCGA – Ceramic Column Grid Array

CerDIP – Ceramic Dual-in-Line Package

CerPack – Ceramic Package

CLCC – Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier

CLCC – Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier

PQFP – Plastic Quad Flat Pack

PSOP – Power Small Outline Package

QFN – Quad Flat No Leads Package

QSOP – Quarter Size Outline Package

SBDIP – Sidebraze Dual-in-Line Package

SC-70 – Small Outline Transistor

SIP – Single-In-Line Package

CQFP – Ceramic Quad Flat Pack

SOIC – Small Outline IC Package

D2PAK or DDPAK – Dou-ble Decawatt Package

D3PAK – Decawatt Package 3

SOJ – Small Outline J-Lead Package

SOT-23 – Small Outline Transistor

DFN – Dual Flat No Leads Package

SOT-23 – Small Outline Transistor

DPAK – Decawatt Package

SSOP – Shrink Small Outline Package

TDFN – Thin Dual Flat No Leads Package

TFBGA – Thin Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array

TQFN – Thin Quad Flat No Leads Package

TQFP – Thin Quad Flat Pack

TSOP – Thin Small Outline Package

TSSOP – Thin Shrink Small Outline Package

FBGA – Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array

UTDFN – Ultra Thin Dual Flat No Leads Package

UTQFN – Ultra Thin Quad Flat No Leads Package

VFBGA – Very Thin Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array

VSOP – Very Small Outline Package

XDFN – Extreme Thin Dual Flat No Leads Package

XQFN – Extreme Thin Quad Flat No Leads Package

JLCC – J-Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier

LFBGA – Low Profile Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array

LGA – Land Grid Array

LQFP – Low-Profile Quad Flat Package

MLP – Micro Leadframe Package

MQFP – Metric Quad Flat Package

MSOP – Micro Small Outline Package

PBGA – Plastic Ball Grid Array

PDIP – Plastic Dual-in-Line Package

PLCC – Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier

PPGA – Plastic Pin Grid Array

PQFN – Power Quad Flat No Leads Package



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