Clusterneurship – Investing in Africa Simplified. A Message From Sahara Experts Network

The world has become an economic atomic unit where many businesses are going global to increase revenue and market share. A strategy that is not global is no more acceptable in most corporate boards. And going global means moving into developing economies to tap their energies and new found wealth; the era of intra-expansion in Europe and North America has gone. There is no other continent that is well positioned for this redesigning global process than Africa. As Asia grows and advances its citizens, the bulk of African minerals will become more important. Finding ways to differentiate and add values to the minerals will help the continent succeed.


To help you understand how we have prepared to take responsibilities to help you do business in Africa, we have done the following:

–       We have documented areas we have strengths and we have access to support when we need help

–       We have the growth opportunities with their numbers, quantified

–       We know the threats in doing business across African regions and mitigation strategies

–       We have pain/joy matrix (PYM) we develop to evaluate the difficulty or ease of any assignment we take. We tell you how hard or easy it will be to us and how the problem will be solved

–       We thrive for dependability, quality and clusterneurship where we move from one enterprise to building a cluster of enterprises to solve client problems. We have both academic networks to execute, innovatively.


Accordingly, African Institution of Technology (AFRIT) wants to represent international organizations in Africa. We need a network to connect us to the global business hub where we can find investors looking to invest in Africa and help provide them necessary business guidance. We carry advisory, research, and manufacturer representation and looking for opportunities from across the world. We have experts in semiconductors and microelectronics which will be the next frontier as ICT penetrates in Africa. We will increasingly begin to produce and manufacturer in Africa if the outsourcing model works.


We also undertake market intelligence, feasibilities studies, and provide investible grade information to clients. Because of our workshops and seminars across Africa, we remain the most knowledgeable entity with up to date information on technology trajectory across the continent. Simply, we know the technology hotspots and how districts and clusters are forming in the continent. While the Kenyans write good open source codes, the leaders in CRM and business software are Nigerians; the South Africans dominate the hardware with the Ghanaians leading in analytics software.


We are ready to take the first opportunity from you to show our quality as we bring a team that is multi-skilled and extremely innovative. We need an effective international network to find clients and opportunities. And we need you to provide introduction to relevant stakeholders.


Yes, Fasmicro can still do better. While we seek for business from international networks, we will still need help from the audience. This is an opportunity to get mentored and networked. Besides what we offer, we will need the following for improvements:


  • Understanding new market and opportunities, especially Asia
  • Positioning clients to prepare for new culture and new client base, different from home base. This is necessary when they expand and need help to execute locally. How do you help them to transition in staff, management, style? What do they look for in consultants? How to tell them now is the time to exit and even tell them that coming into that local market is not right? What drives the SWOT when the customer is local and business is coming from international, how can the advisory firm prepare and execute for the international client?


From Team

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