Cognitev is Transforming Marketing Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Cognitev is Transforming Marketing Experience with Artificial Intelligence

By Nnamdi Odumody

Cognitev is a startup founded by two Egyptians, Moustafa Mahmoud and Ahmed Hassan, which is leveraging artificial intelligence to transform the marketing experience.

It has created various products which include Instascaler, the world’s first automated advertising platform which helps to automate the ads creation, optimization and AB testing of its users campaigns, enabling the ads to run seamless  on multiple traffic sources with the push of a button. Instascaler monitors campaigns and ad performance automatically and adjusts them to lower customer cost and increase the effectiveness, shutting down any ad which isn’t producing positive results on investment, and also adjusts the bid by increasing it or decreasing depending on the results.

Cognition is what drives human progress. Understanding the meaning of the data our minds process every second is one of our brain’s most powerful functions. At Cognitev we try to bring this to machines using the power of Artificial Intelligence. The application of this science is limitless and can transform industries such such as advertising, ecommerce, and more.

Another product from its stable is, the ultimate traffic acquisition platform which is connected to multiple premium traffic sources. It uses a unique process to ensure that each website gets the highest quality and most relevant traffic with capability of automating ad creations as well as create campaigns for any of the traffic sources it is connected to.

Its technology optimizes campaigns in real time, by monitoring them together with ad performance automatically, adjusting them to lower customer cost and increase their effectiveness while shutting down campaigns not producing results on budget spent, and adjusting the bid depending on the results.

Another product, Metadsp, is the world’s first traffic as a service platform which enables you to drive high quality traffic and conversations to your own website or customers. It currently has over 2,571 customers which include Citibank, Mindshare, Samsung, Panasonic and Gillette.

Nigerian brands should hop on the train and ride to enjoy the Cognitev experience especially when a local startup creates something in that space. The future of marketing experiences will be anchored on AI.

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