Tekedia Institute Unveils Tekedia CollegeBoost for Schools

Tekedia Institute Unveils Tekedia CollegeBoost for Schools

Starting tomorrow, our first university partner will onboard its students for Tekedia CollegeBoost. This management innovation program is structured to help university students master the mechanics of markets and management systems.

  • The Innovation of Firms (1st Semester): 4 weeks
  • The Wealth in Nations (2nd Semester): 4 weeks

I have been to 103 universities in Africa; we do think we can support students as their schools prepare them. Tekedia CollegeBoost is a non-credit elective. To develop this series, Tekedia Institute worked with schools and students. 

Tekedia CollegeBoost mirrors Tekedia Mini-MBA, but it is more streamlined, and developed completely by the internal faculty of Tekedia Institute. It is open for schools, alumni groups, students unions, etc.

Tekedia Mini-MBA offers an innovation management 4-month program, optimized for business execution and growth, with digital operational overlay. It runs 100% online. The theme is Innovation, Growth & Digital Execution – Techniques for Building Category-King Companies. All contents are self-paced, recorded and archived which means participants do not have to be at any scheduled time to consume contents.

Tell your school about Tekedia CollegeBoost today. Our contact is here.

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