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Tekedia Mini-MBA: Practicability of An Inventive Society in a Co-Learning Space

Tekedia Mini-MBA: Practicability of An Inventive Society in a Co-Learning Space

Some months ago, our analyst reported the emergence of Tekedia Institute’s mini-MBA as a possible disruption to the traditional ways of producing experts on business administration in Africa, and Nigeria in particular. In the analysis, it was reported that the Tekedia Institute will walk existing entrepreneurs and Nigerian professionals in sales, marketing, technology, administration, strategy, finance, etc through the innovation, growth and digital execution techniques. The entry of the Institute into the online teaching space was described as “a new sheriff is in town, time to disrupt the disruptors” by Francis Oguaju, a Business and Technology Advisor.

Infoprations Analysis, 2020

With the available data [comments of the participants], our analyst has discovered that the programme is indeed disrupting the learning space as participants continue having access to a number of professionals in varied industries as faculty members, who are co-learning with them [participants]. Analysis of 1,884 words from select comments of the participants indicate description and expression of feelings about the programme with the adoption of 687 unique word forms, which establishes their ability to communicate using distinctive words. Corpus analysis further shows that great, tekedia and invention have been used mostly by the participants and faculty members. We also found the use of group and product as dominant words [see Exhibit 3].

Examining the trends in the select comments, it emerged that participants and faculty members are sharing knowledge and ideas towards products/services creation and management. Analysis also suggests that both the participants and faculty members are working towards a number of ideas for growth and development in varied industries [see Exhibit 3 and 4].

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Responding to one of the messages on invention, a participant notes that “…if these factors are giving your invention a low score, you need to change the market you are looking at. Move it somewhere else where similar inventions in that line of thought have been made and present it to the investors there. The market there will easily buy it and the investors will readily put their money down.

In summary, the market or investors do not determine whether your invention is innovative. It’s the level of information and the foundation of knowledge they had before your invention came that determines their level of connection with your work. To make people attracted to your innovation, build a foundation of knowledge, tell a story, make them know your line of thought, make them like similar works till it enters their dream. Then, they will trust you and your invention. This will make your invention more attractive and innovative to your audience. Thereby making investors put in their money because you have grown an audience that loves such kind of products.”

From the faculty members to the participants, our analyst notes that there are ability and capability to come up with ideas, designs and other strategic tools/templates for sustainable process and product/service development. Beyond the process and product/service, the learning space is also equipping participants what they need to survive personally and collectively in their respective industries or companies.

One of the unique values of the learning space is flexibility in communicating with the faculty members and sharing ideas and knowledge. With this, our analyst notes the learning space is showing that inventive society , we all crave for, is possible when less emphasis is placed on hierarchical structure for learning environment. Indeed, Inventiveness is more likely to occur if a society is less hierarchical since bureaucracy reduces creative activity.

Exhibit 1: Top Terms

Source: Tekedia Institute, 2020; Infoprations Analysis, 2020

Exhibit 2: Unique Terms

Source: Tekedia Institute, 2020; Infoprations Analysis, 2020

Exhibit 3: Discourse Trends

Source: Tekedia Institute, 2020; Infoprations Analysis, 2020

Exhibit 4: Link among the Top Terms

Source: Tekedia Institute, 2020; Infoprations Analysis, 2020

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