Comparison Of Mobile Phone Operating Systems – Android, BB, iOS, Windows 7

The Operating System (OS) is the software that communicates with the computer’s hardware, manages resources and provides a user interface. All phones use an operating system of some sort but in recent years, as mobile phone and smartphone technology has become more complex and powerful, operating systems have grown more important.

The operating system of a particular handset is now an important factor to consider when deciding which mobile phone deal is right for you, as each mobile OS offers different advantages and disadvantages. Use this handy chart of features to compare the best Operating Systems and choose the best mobile phone contract for you!



Android Blackberry OS iOS Windows Phone 7
Developed by
Launched 2008
Open source
Key features
  • Gmail, contacts, calendar, maps & social networking
  • Range of phones & manufacturers
  • High security communication, email, text, instant messaging & BlackBerry Messenger
  • Contents & apps managed through iTunes
  • Library of corporate applications.
  • Integration of MS services such as Bing, Windows Live & Zune
Apps (approx.) 100,000 3,000+ 300,000 2,000
Free apps (approx.) 57% 26% 28% Unknown
No. of handsets 20+ 10+ 5 5
  • Android Market Place for apps has received criticisms over quality of apps, search functionality & no desktop version
  • Relatively low number of apps available
  • Software upgrade potentially required on 3GS for multi-tasking
  • Higher handset cost
  • Relatively low number of apps available currently
Stand out features
  • Customisable multiple home screens.
  • Integration with Google mail & calendar
  • Streamlined communications with a high level of security
  • Straightforward user interface and iTunes integration
  • Hubs for easy access
  • Support of multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts for email
Manufacturers 10+ 1 1 3
Information correct at time of publication
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