Congrats Tope Awotona – Calendly Now Valued At More Than $3 Billion

Congrats Tope Awotona – Calendly Now Valued At More Than $3 Billion

Congrats Tope Awotona, the Founder and CEO of Calendly which just raised $350 million in new funding, valuing the event scheduling startup at more than $3 billion. We use this solution and it is the best in the world.

Calendly, which helps users schedule and confirm meeting times, has raised $350 million from OpenView Venture Partners and Iconiq.

Until now, the Atlanta-based startup had only raised $550K, but the company says it has 10 million monthly users, with $70 million in subscription revenue last year.

“Calendly has a vision increasingly to be a central part of the meeting life cycle,” said OpenView’s Blake Bartlett.

It’s a platform that provides a quick way to manage open spaces in your calendar for people to book appointments with you in those spaces, which then also books out the time in calendars like Google’s or Microsoft Outlook — with a growing number of tools to enhance that experience, including the ability to pay for a service in the event that your appointment is not a business meeting but, say, a yoga class. Pricing ranges from free (one calendar/one user/one event) to premium ($8/month) and pro ($12/month) for more calendars, events, integrations and features, with bigger packages for enterprises also available

Great owambe in Atlanta coming (lol).

How you wish this story was baked in Lagos, and not Atlanta for Tope! The beauty of America continues.


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One thought on “Congrats Tope Awotona – Calendly Now Valued At More Than $3 Billion

  1. Event scheduling platform valued at three billion dollars? Someone should compute the worth of a town crier you have in your village. Another American wonder! Only in America you hear this kind of number.

    In this world, anything is valuable or valueless, it all depends on where you are and who you are speaking with. Digital products are like piece of art, the latter can easily move from few thousand dollars to millions of dollars, depending on who’s handling your microphone.

    You may think you are not doing enough in your endeavours, not really, you just need one encounter with one of those folks that bless people with plenty dollars, magically, you become a great innovator!

    The journey continues…

    Congratulations to him.


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