Congratulations President-elect Joe Biden

Congratulations President-elect Joe Biden

As the world presidents congratulate President-elect Joe Biden, I want to also join them. As the inaugural president of Uke Udo (Peace Age Grade) in Ovim, Abia State, I hereby send our congratulations from the Ovim Kingdom of Abia State, Nigeria! lol. May you lead in peace, wealth, health and prosperity. May the world feel the freedom from America again. Congratulations Mr. President-elect.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe
Inaugural President, Uke Udo
Ovim, Nigeria

*A statement from Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Inaugural President of Uke Udo, as he joins other presidents to congratulate Joe Biden for winning the U.S. presidency.

Hahaha, lol, alleluia. alleluia. It is Good Morning in America.

It is a good morning in America. Sir, out of nowhere, you sent a note: follow me to Morocco, and just like that, a village boy from Ovim, was in the Vice President entourage. Days later, I spoke in Marrakesh, Morocco. You made it happen. I salute the flag and the beauty of America. It is morning over here, and the dews are falling.

Freedom to the black kids on the way to Ivy League. Freedom to women of color. Freedom  to our world. Freedom! Freedom!! America the beautiful – you have left the solid bounds of the earth and touched the face of the Almighty and the blessings are all over us.

Peace, grace, and abundance – our beautiful nation, the great America. We came with really nothing, but your kindness has brought abundance to us. That will remain because HE still answers prayers. Thank you Jehovah. Thank you Chineke. Thank you Oluwa Jesu. Thank you – it is morning over here.


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