Consider Integrating BTC As A Payment Option In Nigeria, Africa

Consider Integrating BTC As A Payment Option In Nigeria, Africa

I was NOT a believer in crypto and I remain extremely suspicious of it. But looking at the trajectory, I invested in a crypto exchange and a mobile app to convert coins to fiat currencies. But many young people in Africa mounted pressure with “I do not keep my money in Naira but in BTC” – and you need to allow me to pay via BTC. BTC is Bitcoin.

We added bitcoin as a way for members to pay for our services a few weeks ago. Ladies and gentlemen, the data is unbelievable: a solid double-digit adoption. 

For the integration, I took my time, read the manuals and did the coding, optimization and integration myself, without involving anyone. Not as hard as writing firmware for microchips. This thing is not as esoteric as it may seem.

If you are a merchant in Nigeria (and Africa), I challenge you to consider integration of BTC. The growth in Nigeria is evidential. I do not waste time on this feed – see this as another channel to grow revenue. You can make the crypto to settle in US dollars which means once they pay, the money drops as the US dollars equivalent in your digital wallet. You can then move it to your bank as USD.

Young people are smart: listen to them on what they want. I wish I did this integration many months ago. Click here to see how it looks.

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