Coronavirus – Conserve Cash Now!

Coronavirus – Conserve Cash Now!

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a big problem in the world right now: coronavirus is now officially a pandemic. Simply, this means widespread human infection. It is so bad that politicians undergoing corruption trials who sought reprieves for medical treatments in Europe had withdrawn the requests. Yes, they are feeling much better, magically! Also, no Nigerian politician had gone for annual medical check-up abroad, making these few weeks atypical. Because no one is creating this covid-19 future, it is nearly impossible for anyone to predict the future. Do one thing: conserve cash – just in case this paralysis stays longer.

Source: Tellme

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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus – Conserve Cash Now!

  1. If we had give even 10% of attention we have given Coronavirus to other things killing humans, our world would be a much better place.

    Yes, ‘just 4200’ in over three months, and the world is panicking like this? Have we ever given a thought to thousands of people dying everyday, which only gets a yawn, perhaps they are ‘small humans’?

    This thing cannot finish us, the death rate is really small; people die in their hundreds in small localities, and we are never alarmed. But because Coronavirus affects rich and poor, white and people of colour, developed and developing nations, peaceful and violent prone regions, and suddenly we care so much? Human hypocrisy is legendary!

    We have over seven billion humans here, can we test all of them to determine the actual number of infected people? Obviously not, and so we rely on the small number of confirmed cases to extrapolate that it’s killing us all; not really. Some will contact the virus, without getting tested, and still recovered, without knowing that Covid-19 has passed through them; that’s humans for you!

    No panic, be calm; human survival instinct is way above Coronavirus.


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