Coronavirus: What You Read About the Virus Determines How You Prevent Its Spread

Coronavirus: What You Read About the Virus Determines How You Prevent Its Spread

The fight against COVID-19 isn’t just a fight against the pandemic, it has been described as an infodemic war; with several anxiety triggering, fear inciting, and scary information being circulated.

Despite over 80,000 recoveries being recorded globally, there is more focus on the deaths, and the patients health practitioners are unable to save. There is little information about medical testing, China closing its last COVID-19 hospitals, and global recoveries.

At Know COVID-19 Nigeria, we will be giving up to date verified data, and information relating to the pandemic. We will be doing this through summary texts, infographics, live statistics being updated as soon as they are confirmed by the NCDC, WHO, and other relevant organisations.

This will also include a platform for people to report suspected cases, connect to emergency hotlines in their States, locate testing centres, and safety tips.

COVID-19 is neither feminist nor sexist. It does not discriminate based on gender, race, political affiliation, and ideologies. To fight this pandemic and the underlying infodemic, we need all hands to be on deck. Let’s just keep our hands to ourselves, and use it for sharing (verified) information, as we will be bringing them to your couch through your devices.

If you want up-to-date information about COVID-19 without fear of fake or panic news, visit our platform  You’ll find safety tips, number of cases, recoveries, and relevant updates relating to the #COVID19 pandemic.

The platform was created by a group of young Nigerians to help reduce the spread of panic surrounding COVID-19, by sharing only verified information, like drug testing, recoveries, and the exact number of cases. You can also find contact numbers  of different states in Nigeria included, for your convenience.

This is not a sponsored activity; we are only concerned about the safety of Nigerians, and will appreciate your support through RTs, sharing of our infographics, and overall support. Let’s reduce the infodemic in the pandemic.

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