Corporate Indigenization Maybe The New Order

Corporate Indigenization Maybe The New Order

Could It be that the definition of democracy is taking a new shape through 2020. We have always defined it this way: Leadership, Of the People, by the People, for the People. According to John L. Haney, Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society.

Whilst comparing democracy in politics with globalization in the corporate world, we can assume that a few terms that encourage globalization is somehow becoming a thing for the diary. There is no doubt that indigenous people are somehow giving more open arms to their fellow indigenes, with belief that it gives them better security, sense of belonging and opportunity to grow within a familiar ecosystem. Countries are now encouraging more products made Of their People, by their People, and for their People.  

It will be great to stand by Globalization, rather than Overzealous indigenization. The earth in its natural state, encourages one man for another, that is why it spreads its seeds in different quantities and quality shares across various shores. Gold in the east, Silver in the west, so that the east will be encouraged to trade with the west. Even the holy book supports merchandising, foreign investment, and international trade as strategies of financial safety, freedom and love for humanity:

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Read: Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

  1. Invest your money in foreign trade, and one of these days you will make a profit. 
  2. Put your investments in several places – many places even – because you never know what kind of bad luck you are going to have in this world. More in the holy book.

This could be the birth of globalization, but due to certain human cupidity, the science of globalization is becoming more like a simple art work, just designed and decorated in our history books. 

What About Exchange of Intercultural Innovations for Growth:

The fun and excitement of being a human is the ability to interchange cultural blessings in the form of; Music, Stories, Trading, Nation to Nation diplomatic support, exchange of Technology and Medical expertise et al. Encouraging indigenization, should never exterminate that sense of the world as a small village. In this small community called earth, do not fight the special blessing of your neighbor, because you never know when even his cough will save you from an intruder. 

Using Tiktok as example, being banned in India, and to be bought over in America by Microsoft instead of ban, I recall an article by Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe (PHD) in The MicroTok for America!, where he said and I quote:

Poor TikTok in America as it makes its way to Microsoft. Forget it. I am not sure if MicroTok, my suggested name for the Microsoft future version,  will live up to the glory of the real TikTok. It would be complicated as what makes TikTok hot is the AI which drives those short video recommendations to align perfectly for users. Mess up those AI systems, you have nothing. 

There is a possibility that MicroTok could struggle because of one thing: the zero privacy in China makes its mobile solutions more engaging as they can use data which American companies cannot use in improving their models. 

Going for Our Own only, in other words, indigenization, may sound so interesting and instantly impressive, but it can never be innovative enough to match the fun and adventure, the multinational localization of businesses would have given. The generation after us may need something to connect them with their sister nations, not just their sister and brother in the same house.

That calls up the word; Multinational. If the world powers, change Democracy by the people into Democracy by “Our Own” people, which in the corporate world means, changing of Corporate Globalization of into Corporate Indigenization;

  • What happens to the sense of having Multinational corporations. Will that also be swept under the carpet? which may also linger to intensified interstate corporate localization.

This issue of, “Indigenization ,” needs to be addressed, quickly and effectively.. 

  • So that globalization will not be ‘just’ a fancy word, lying breathless in our government study and business books. 
  • The term, Multinational Corporation (MNC) will not be a thing of the past. 
  • International trade/trading; Import Export will not be a fantastic thing of the past

Because, they said that, if one hand touches oil, it may span to the other four fingers. If indigenization becomes the order of the day, localization may become the innovation of the near future, and every business will be forced to adapt to it else excuse the geopolitical zone.

Learn from Average Nigerian:

Average Nigerian likes to dress Italian, drive German, party Caribbean, spend Arab, breathe American and bleed Nigerian. This may sound uninteresting, but differential attention will teach you that, this is the reason the dollar man still wishes to invest in Nigeria, host Nigerian in his country and even identify with a Nigerian. By nature a Nigerian man welcomes innovations, and encourages local business to innovate with international outlook else stand a chance of exemption. 

The world needs to be Nigerian by the mind of welcoming innovation; we are still one world, whose affluence in milk complements another’s deficiency in protein. Tech is coming from Nigeria, and will live and thrive across nations of the world, because we propagate the art of globalization.

Indigenization concern should really be treated with great attention to save the future of the business world. Instead of banning entirely a particular lucrative product in your land, what about regulating the features and security-wise if that may be the case. 

In conclusion:

Dear world, and super intelligent regulatory bodies, we need one another to thrive on this planet earth of ours. It is more interesting to see Facebook running and thriving in China, while WeChat is thriving in the USA. It is so much fun seeing Indian dancers on Tiktok, while shopping on JioMart in China. The world is a global village, let it continue to be like that. 

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