Tax Treaties At Tekedia Institute

Tax Treaties At Tekedia Institute

Good People, we are bringing an expert to develop a session on “Understanding Tax Treaties and Their Benefits”. He is a Deputy Manager with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS, Nigeria), a barrister at law who holds a master’s degree in International Tax Law from University of Melbourne, and he knows so much on emerging digital tax ordinance. Emmanuel Eze has won a continental tax essay competition organised by the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF). He will help our Tekedia Mini-MBA community to understand tax treaties and how we can use them to advance our business missions.

Simply, if you run a company in the fintech, logistics, etc domains across borders, there is a chance you can be subjected to multiple taxation. What this program plans to do is to educate companies that there are treaties which they can use to avoid that. In other words, you avoid being subjected to multiple taxation as you scale outside your home nation.

Most Nigerian startups are paying taxes as they scale across ECOWAS which under extant tax treaties they are not supposed to pay. But because they are not informed, they just pay. We are happy that an expert from our government will lead a session to help innovators know when they can say NO. The same applies in continental Africa in this age of AfCFTA: understand the treaties and spare wasting that money.

Register as class begins Aug 10.


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  1. Hello Prof, shall we the incumbents students of the second edition of the Tekedia mini-MBA have access to the Understanding Tax Treaties and Their Benefits course ?


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