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Cozomo de’ Medici’s list of the 12 most iconic artworks of 2023

Cozomo de’ Medici’s list of the 12 most iconic artworks of 2023

The year 2023 was a remarkable one for the art world, as it witnessed some of the most stunning and innovative creations in various fields and mediums. From Cozomo de’ Medici’s list of the 12 most iconic artworks of 2023 to a major partnership between GoDaddy and ENS, here are some of the highlights that made this year unforgettable.

Cozomo de’ Medici, the influential art collector and patron, released his annual list of the 12 most iconic artworks of the year, which featured a diverse and eclectic selection of artists and genres. Among them were:

The Last Supper by Ai Weiwei, a monumental installation that recreated Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting with 13 life-sized sculptures made of recycled materials and human hair.

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The Infinite Garden by Yayoi Kusama, a immersive exhibition that filled the entire Guggenheim Museum in New York with thousands of colorful polka dots, mirrors, and lights.

The CryptoPunks by Larva Labs, a series of 10,000 unique pixel art characters that were minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain and sold for millions of dollars.

The Black Square by Kazimir Malevich, a replica of the iconic abstract painting that was launched into orbit by SpaceX and became the first artwork in space.

The Mona Lisa by Banksy, a graffiti version of the famous portrait that appeared overnight on the wall of the Louvre Museum in Paris and caused a sensation among visitors and authorities.

The Scream by Edvard Munch, a digital animation that used artificial intelligence to make the expression of the famous painting change according to the mood and emotions of the viewers.

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, a interactive installation that used augmented reality to transform the Museum of Modern Art in New York into a living version of the famous painting.

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, a 3D-printed sculpture that replicated the surreal imagery of the famous painting with melting clocks and distorted objects.

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, a performance art piece that reenacted the classical scene of the goddess emerging from the sea with hundreds of nude volunteers on a beach in Italy.

The Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, a hologram that projected the image of the famous painting onto the face of anyone who stood in front of it.

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, a virtual reality experience that allowed users to enter the Sistine Chapel and witness the moment of divine contact between God and Adam.

The Guernica by Pablo Picasso, a sound installation that used speakers and microphones to recreate the sounds and voices of the victims of the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War.

In addition to these remarkable artworks, 2023 also saw a major partnership between GoDaddy and ENS, two leading platforms for domain name registration and management. The partnership enabled users to easily register and manage their own. eth domains, which are decentralized, and censorship-resistant domains powered by Ethereum.

This opened up new possibilities for artists, creators, and entrepreneurs to showcase their work and identity on the decentralized web. These are just some of the examples of how 2023 a year of innovation, creativity, and disruption in the art world was. We can only expect more surprises and wonders in 2024 and beyond.

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