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Crypto Exchanges Binance, OKX, & KuCoin Welcome Big Eyes Coin as it Raises $33.7M

Crypto Exchanges Binance, OKX, & KuCoin Welcome Big Eyes Coin as it Raises $33.7M

The demand for trustworthy and efficient cryptocurrency exchanges is at an all-time high as the cryptocurrency sector continues to expand.

The top three CEX cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, OKX, and KuCoin, will be compared in this article.

We’ll examine their similarities and differences and provide important information for those looking to make wise decisions.

We will also look at how these exchanges function in relation to the cryptocurrency market, with a focus on the cryptocurrency Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a rising star in the sector.

The Rise of Binance Exchange

Founded in 2017 by Chinese-Canadian entrepreneur Changpeng Zhao, Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange. Due to its user-friendly design, minimal trading costs, and wide variety of supported cryptocurrencies, it rapidly became well-known. Users can buy, sell, and trade a variety of cryptocurrencies on its platform, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The success of Binance is due to its creative approach to brand-new goods and services. For instance, the exchange introduced Binance Coin (BNB), a cryptocurrency that may be used to pay for platform transaction costs. Additionally, Binance provides a variety of trading services and instruments, including staking, futures trading, and margin trading. Binance had a price status of $0.02 per (SNT / USD) on Thursday with a current market cap of $118.29M.

Exchange Runners-Up: OKX and KuCoin

OKX Exchange — What’s It About?

Another well-known cryptocurrency exchange, OKX, was introduced in 2017 by Chinese-based digital asset exchange OKCoin. The strong liquidity and recognized enhanced security features of OKX make it a desirable option for institutional investors. The exchange accepts a large number of cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu and Ethereum.

Additionally, OKX provides sophisticated trading options like spot trading, margin trading, and derivatives trading. Both newbie and expert traders can easily use the exchange’s platform, and its customer support staff is readily available around-the-clock. OKX had a spot value of 0.1545.

How KuCoin Works?

Launched in 2017, KuCoin is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange. Due to its minimal trading fees, user-friendly design, and wide variety of supported cryptocurrencies, it has swiftly acquired popularity. Along with a variety of trading tools and features, KuCoin provides staking, futures trading, and margin trading. The exchange places a high priority on security and has taken a number of steps to guarantee the protection of user funds.

Big Eyes Coin and Its Generous Offers

Big Eyes Coin is a feline-themed token poised to be the game-changer in the blockchain. The cat-themed meme coin has caught the attention of many retail investors due to its array of wins despite being in the presale stage. Also, BIG’s scarcity and unusual resilience in the face of market turbulence has been praised as a potential inflation hedge despite its whimsical beginnings.

Big Eyes Coin has announced the date of its final presale, which is June 3rd. During this presale, users can enjoy a 300% bonus by using the code END300. The presale value of BIG has already reached an impressive $33.6 million.

Aside from its presale success, BIG has also ventured into the world of NFTs. These NFTs can be traded, collected, and minted on OpenSea. Moreover, users can open BIG Loot Boxes for a chance to win prizes worth up to $1 million in BIG. These unique features demonstrate how Big Eyes Coin aims to significantly increase the ROI of its users.

The Bottomline

Binance, OKX, and KuCoin rank among the leading CEX cryptocurrency exchanges, presenting a broad range of features and services to investors. Although each exchange has its unique set of advantages and disadvantages, they all share a strong commitment to ensuring a secure and effective platform for purchasing, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Notably, even though Big Eyes Coin is yet to be unveiled, it has already caught the attention of the industry, including the aforementioned exchanges. With the continued growth of the cryptocurrency market, it will be intriguing to observe how these exchanges adapt and transform as they embrace the launch of BIG, all geared towards catering to the ever-evolving requirements of investors.


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