Daily Prayer From Fasmicro AppStore Helps Busy People Stay Connected To Heaven

Daily Prayer is especially for busy professional who hardly have the time to say a prayer in the morning before going to work and in the evening before going to bed, with Daily Prayer you are reminded to say your prayer at 7:00am in the morning and 9:00pm at night, with alerts automatically triggered at this time of the day.


For those of us that are not very good at praying, Daily Prayer contain a different prayer for everyday of the week, its a kind of pray with me application, and for those of us that prefer to say our own prayers-Daily Prayer has a point in the prayer where you are allowed to say your own private intentions.


Compatibility: This app has been tested and found to be compatible through Android v1.0 to Android v3.1


About Fasmicro AppStore

It is the first corporate App Store in Nigeria.  Designed and developed by Fasmicro Team in Owerri, Nigeria, it has become a delight for Nigerians that like to point out that corporate clients must not go to India for apps.

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