Dear Diamond Bank, The “YES”

Dear Diamond Bank, The “YES”

Dear Diamond Bank,

I was so touched that despite all that happened, you are still as emotional as before. The purity of your heart, the excellence in your vision and the emerging generation you shaped are things to celebrate. You gave us DIBS which changed our nation.

Yes, Access sent the Val gift; you said YES. We are living the history. But no matter what, even when they turn off that light behind that sparkled diamond logo, you will not be forgotten, in our hearts.

I came into the relationship with you, not even knowing how to sign a cheque book, fresh from college. In your generosity and matchless training program, designed by a banking legend (the P-G-D), you transformed me to see a world beyond what my eyes could imagine. And you did not stop there, sending more goodies even when I had left to the beautiful America.

I will vote YES, just as you have said YES, on this Val day, to Access Bank, next month. After that vote, I will drop a note to you. I will title it, “Good Night Diamond, You Lived a Great Life – I Appreciate ALL”.

Happy Valentine, Diamond Bank!


My First Day in America and Kindness of Diamond Bank Lagos


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