Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 – Start Your Campaign Now!

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 – Start Your Campaign Now!

The pandemic changed many things like the operation of businesses and marketing trends. The year 2020 saw an increase in online business with more employees working from home. There are new ways that businesses use to link with their customers. So what are digital marketing trends for 2021? What new trends does your business need to increase & retain customers and increase revenue? Read below to find the most important marketing trends to boost your digital marketing strategy this year.

Local SEO

You need to constantly update your business’s local SEO. This is especially true for small businesses. Users searching for a particular business depending upon the geographical location will be able to find you in the near me searches if your business is up-to-date with local SEO. First, get verified by Google and then sign-up for Google my business. You can rank higher and can also spread information like hours, services, and location about your business among the searchers.

 Customer retention through segmentation

Instead of targeting a larger audience through one big marketing campaign, you can use smaller, cost-effective marketing to target particular audiences. Thus you can make your customers happy by providing personalized content that suits their preferences.  Satisfied customers forward recommendations for your business and increase revenue. User-generated content is effective and efficient in connecting with customers and building good customer relationships.

Focus on sustainability

More and more people are aware of the importance of saving the environment. They prefer brands that are also concerned about the environment. 81% of consumers want eco-friendly and sustainable businesses. You need to set up a marketing strategy that can promote environmentalism. You can display pictures and contents about the environment repeatedly on your site or use recyclable bags to promote yourself. Contact digital marketing agency in Raleigh today for consultancy.

Inclusivity is significant

2021 marketing trends include the introduction of content that covers equality and various religions, races, etc. The products you offer, content for your videos and images, and topics you discuss online should all be included. More consumers want to see equality in the content that they view and the brands they want to buy from. The culture shift has brought about a change in purchasing behavior. According to Accenture, 41 percent of consumers don’t want anything to do with businesses that don’t support diversity and equality. And 29 percent of consumers prefer to switch to brands that do.

The potential of voice and visual search

Voice search is popular among consumers. So business needs to introduce voice search components like optimizing content for voice. Similarly, visual search has also gained interest. Google lens is a tool through which consumers can take pictures of what they want to buy and get search results easily. 

To take advantage of the increase in visual searches, you need to focus on HD quality images, image alt-text, image sitemaps, and introduce target keywords in the image name. Boost your revenue by 30percent by adopting good SEO strategies.

Interactive and easy understand the content

Using interactive content is a great way to engage your customers and know more about them. Interactive marketing through surveys, quizzes, polls, contests, and games can boost your visibility and reach to new customers. Simple & straightforward content is popular among consumers.

Final Thoughts!!

These trends are a place where you can start off. Including these in your marketing strategy for 2021 can help you gain more traffic, retain happy customers and increase sales & revenue. So get started today!

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