Discuss Your Business Training Needs With Tekedia Institute

Discuss Your Business Training Needs With Tekedia Institute

Tekedia Mini-MBA for Corporates is designed for private sector institutions. We are helping companies to make their workers to become better innovators. Yes, your staff would go through a methodological process to think of solutions for the business. With our class notes, videos, live sessions, and cases, your team will have the right tools to produce that FUTURE for the business. You already have a great team, make them BETTER. Learn more.

Tekedia Mini-MBA for Corporates is a customized version of the general Tekedia Mini-MBA. It is designed for private and public institutions. It focuses on the same theme of innovation, growth, and digital execution. But unlike the 12-week general Mini-MBA, the Corporate version goes for 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks.  There would be scheduled webinars but no physical contacts.

When you sign-up, our team will schedule a meeting with you, discuss your institutional frictions, and during our program, we will work with your organization to find solutions to those frictions. The outcome of the process has been amazing: internal innovation at scale.

Let us serve you as an Innovation & Growth Partner, and using your team, you will find a new nexus to innovate, grow and advance the mission. Learn more and contact us.



1. Advance your career with Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sept 13 – Dec 6, 2021): 140 global faculty, online, self-paced, $140 (or N50,000 naira). Click and register here.

2. Click to join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and own a piece of Africa’s finest startups with a minimum of $10,000 investment.

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