Distance Eliminated: Kenyan M-Order Enables Customers To Order Items via Phones Without A Need of Physical Presence

The Kenyan mobile developers are beginning the new phase of mobile landscape  in Africa. With a solid payment structure, via mobile phones, Africa is ready to get distance out of business as much as possible. Now, M-order wants to do just that by enabling a process where people can shop right at home without polluting the city.


M-order is a social mobile ordering application that has been developed to provide an efficient and faster way of ordering products of a company via the wireless mobile phones. Clients do not have to go physically to the providers’ centers/shops to order for products or wait for salesmen and retailers to document their daily orders. M-order application is a solution for the SMEs companies in Kenya to facilitate an efficient supply chain value and integrate a paperless system.


With M-order the clients can place their orders on time via the mobile-web application or through their mobile phones after they register to use the application. M-order enhances efficiency, reduced customer complains; improve performance and productivity in the company.  Payment can be done via M-pesa to the providers.


Tekedia wishes Hilda Moraa  and all of M-order team success in this vision.

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