Do not be afraid in applying for the next level

Do not be afraid in applying for the next level

Do not be afraid in applying for the next level. The only role you are wholly-qualified is the job you are currently doing or had done before. Get over that mentality that I am not “ready” because if you focus on seeking only roles you are “ready” on the first day, you will not make progress. There needs to be an aspiration that I had done well as a General Manager, whatever the Directorship throws at me, I will figure it out fast. In life, privacy does not imply anonymity; humility should not mean lack of aspirations.


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  1. These days, anywhere I see the combustible phrase of ‘next level’, I take extra care, to know if it’s coming from a politician or technocrat… But no one was/is born with experience, so your sole duty as a living and ambitious being is to turn abstract possibilities into concrete realities. That is how leaders and exceptional humans emerge. The only boundary in this life is the one you set for yourself, and do not blame the rest us – when you set yours too low.
  2. Very true, everything in life can be learnt. Everyone who is a master at something had a first not so sure step. Thanks for sharing. I know that sometimes the many years of experience in some job adverts are there to limit the numbers of applications however, if you want something, go for it. What’s the worst that you’ll be told? ‘No’ but then you know you tried. The answer could as well be a yes…but you’ll never know… Sheryl Sandberg would say it this way – if you think you deserve it, then ask for it. No one will give it to you if you don’t take it.



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