The Inspiration via Beauty of Arts [Photos]

The Inspiration via Beauty of Arts [Photos]

On the 15th of April, World Art Day takes place. Dutch company Delft Imaging Systems shows that art can be used as a means for a better world. The innovative enterprise from Veenendaal has been committed to fighting tuberculosis for years and invented a smart solution to make their mobile clinics more accessible: thirty local artists painted thirty mobile clinics that are able to quickly and efficiently diagnose TB. People are screened in these clinics and can start a treatment the very same day if necessary. 

Green energy




Early diagnosis

About Deflt Imaging Systems

Delft Imaging Systems (Veenendaal) envisions a world in which everyone can benefit from advances in the field of healthcare. Delft is specifically dedicated to improving people’s quality of life around the world by means of its diagnostic imaging devices, eHealth software and related services. In the battle against TB, Delft Imaging Systems is active in 35 countries with 45 projects by delivering smart solutions, that have supported the screening of more than 3 million people for TB. These kind of innovative systems provide an important link in delivering high quality-health care in vulnerable societies and developing countries. For more information, see

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