Do Not Become A Number

Do Not Become A Number

Let us NOT be stubborn over covid-19. Here in February when I cancelled a major speech in Turkey’s Economic Summit, some of our members claimed that the virus was not killing Africans. I did respond that I would not like to find out, and also wished for them to avoid possible stupid experiments. But over the last few hours, this pandemic is turning into a major African universe problem. 

Yes, in the United States, the death rates for African-Americans are rising while most other ethnic groups are flattening. Because the World Health Organization (WHO) has maintained that no evidence exists that people who recovered from this disease have immunity over it, this war has not been won, as nothing shows a clear trajectory to the end of the tunnel. 

There is no proof that people who have recovered from coronavirus have immunity to the disease, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned.

Epidemiologists at WHO said there is no evidence someone who has been infected cannot be infected again.

A senior epidemiologist at WHO, Maria van Kerkhove, at a virtual news briefing on COVID-19 said antibodies’ test will help measure the level of antibodies in the blood, but “that does not mean that somebody with antibodies means that they are immune,” she said.

She also said many tests for the ailment being developed are pinprick blood tests similar to instant HIV tests.

We understand that some live from hand to mouth, meaning they need to work daily to eat daily, yet, may we remember the popular African proverbs, “life is bigger than whatever is needed to sustain it. And if you leave life to pursue wealth, you are building for your enemies”. Yes, your life is more important than that money or job! 

Do not join those protesting in the U.S. asking the government to let them loose, to return to work. And do not become a number; you are more than that. There is no sensible activism against the government on this: this is a brutal enemy, and it makes sense to stay with your squad as the world looks for victory.

Stay safe!


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