#Plan4Restart – Do Not Play Luck, Play Strategy

#Plan4Restart – Do Not Play Luck, Play Strategy

What must you do, post-Covid-19, to get that business going again? Sales execution or marketing execution? With the warehouse full and customers’ purses dry, what incentives can push distributors/retailers to move faster? Can a 30-day credit to partners restart your revenue 30% faster? Talk to your CFO (chief financial officer) and CMO (chief marketing officer) today and have a play. Play strategy, not luck – build scenario matrices.

Understand where your sector is on this figure, and what your company needs to do, as you plan ahead to restart your company once the lockdown is over. Develop your plan, and do not rely on luck. If you are in leisure and tourism, talk to your Chief Financial Officer on what a 30% discount can do to the business. Because purses are emptying and priorities have been reshaped, you need to offer something big to bring the customers back. If you are in the green zone, think on how you can keep the market share Covid-19 has just given you. #Plan4Restart

How Would You Restart Your Company After the Lockdown? Have A 7-Day Plan Ready! Then 1, 3 and 6 Months. Assume 70% of Your Clients Will Neither Pick Nor  Return Calls for Days.

Do Not Play Luck, Play Strategy – Have A Plan



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