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Do You Want To Help Make The Internet Useful Again? – Free Apps To Remember Things

We like the way they started their hiring pitch: Do you want to be part of making the internet useful again? SpringPad is a new idea in a sea of ideas we see on the web these days. It is simply a better way to remember things with the phone. Yes, an app that helps you remember things.


Whether on your computer or from your phone, Springpad is a free app that helps you remember stuff today so you can make better decisions tomorrow. We automatically organize and enhance what you’ve saved to help you be more productive.


We’re not just a digital filing cabinet to help you save and organize stuff; we also put your information to work for you even when you’re not around. We’re always on the lookout to save you time and money with essential updates customized for your interests and available when you need them. We’ll alert you to price drops, product availability, deals of the day, news, useful links and other relevant offers for the things that matter to you. It’s like having your own personal assistant.


This is how the stuff works:

Springpad gives you a place to quickly and easily save anything you want to remember. Take a note, create a task, scan a product barcode and look up the book your friend mentioned. The best part is that no matter where you are, Springpad is there with you to make sure you don’t forget something worth remembering. Just think it and Spring it, and it’ll be there for you when you need it.

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Springpad is the product of Spring Partners, a team inspired by the opportunity to harness the power of the Internet, data portability, and the rapidly increasing ubiquity of mobile access – all to help simplify people’s lives. The company is located in Boston and venture backed.


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