Doctors, Welcome to Tekedia Institute

Doctors, Welcome to Tekedia Institute

I want to welcome all the “scientific miracle makers” – doctors – to Tekedia Mini-MBA. Last year, we worked with more than 120 doctors in our Institute. In short, the largest healthcare chain in South-South Nigeria, Lily Hospitals, chose us to work with about 40 doctors. Dr Austin Okogun, the CEO of Lily Hospitals Limited taught us healthcare even as we explained business to his physicians.

Today, we are welcoming many from the big teaching hospitals. A doctor in one of the big teaching hospitals during our Live session shared how she was promoted to lead the business unit of the hospital after the Chief Medical Director observed new capabilities after she attended our program.

Her memos and analysis on the hospital business systems improved. Due to her deeper understanding of  business, she was also asked to chair meetings on the hospital engagements with vendors.

In FUT Owerri, I took a course – Engineer Turns Manager. We hope to have something like Doctor Turns Manager.  We expect to work with at least 300 doctors in the Institute this year.

Besides doctors, I welcome everyone – engineers, traders, bankers, insurers, etc – to the Institute. Registration continues at Africa’s largest business school. Register here.

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