Don’t Give Up, Keep Believing!

Don’t Give Up, Keep Believing!

I totally understand how the system of things are at the moment in the country and even in Africa at large. If we all pay a closer look at how things are structured, we will all come to a conclusion that the current structure is built to keep us back and hold dreams down.

I don’t like writing motivational pieces but I have seen the need this time to write it seeing the depression that hovers across the minds of people seeking for jobs, trying to break free from the status quo, facing setbacks in establishing their dream companies, trying to be sane in the workplace.

The country has reached the point of saturation and we will only deceive ourselves to say things are not more difficult this time. The more difficult process of getting visas, the more difficult it is to win the trust of foreign investors, the lack of trust between freelancers and clients due to the fraudulent practices some folks have dabbled into thereby soiling our name.

Should we talk about how the educational system is failing young ones daily and how we have been expecting solutions from the government for so long, yet none seem to be genuine. If this doesn’t get to you, it does to me.

If you’re an observant person and very analytical just like myself, you will want to say we don’t have an economy standing anymore. The social media is filled with so much bitterness, deceit, and oozing with mental decadence. I have had my fair share of being defrauded online myself and even though such amount doesn’t seem to be really huge, it meant that we have more people going through this on a daily basis who might have their life dependency on such amount.

All these are enough to push people, I mean push you to the brink of depression. In an economy that is filled with skilled people, power supply should be made a priority and the security of the young ones should be of utmost importance but it is not so. We have youths whose rights have been abused by the police times without number.

I have had friends who have lost jobs just because they couldn’t meet deadlines due to poor internet connection, due to poor power supply which eventually returns them to the state of being unemployed, broke and frustrated. This alone should make you quit and I really do not throw quick blames at people for quitting, people have been strong for a long, people have been holding on for so long. You have tried.

However, I want to remind you that you have survived this far, you have been strong till this point, you have faced the hurdles times without number and you were able to overcome at different times. The night has been dark for so long yet you have been through till you saw the dawn of the day. I am writing this to you because I don’t want you to give up. Not at this stage. Not at this phase. Don’t throw in the towel, you can give yourself a break, you can ask for help, seek counsel but don’t let all that this current state pushes at you get to you.

There is uncertainty in building

A farmer will go to till the ground, plant a seed. He will come daily to water it and take away weeds. He will nourish the seed till it becomes a small plant.

Not yet seen the fruit, he doesn’t stop watering, he doesn’t stop weeding. He builds a fence for it even though he’s not sure of the result.

He’s not sure because he knows the success of the seed doesn’t lie in his power. A wind could come and blow it away, a fire could gut the whole city. A beast could feast on it. He is aware of this but he plays his part. He does what he needs to do. Puts all the measures needed to be taken. Yet he knows it’s success is not totally within his power.

He only sows in hope. He plants with faith. He nourishes with patience.

As much as you’re skeptical about the success of your ideas, you need to keep pushing with faith and hope as your watchword. You need to go around with a placard of patience. You need all these as a support to keep holding on.

No matter what happens, keep holding on.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up, Keep Believing!

  1. Your words are truly intimate with the threads of life. As one who is very analytical about life and his environment, you have written a beautiful piece.

    If this were to be a war front, your speech would surely boost the spirits of your soldiers.

    I have shared this with my friends right now.

    I will share this on my page. You will be cited.


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