Don’t Try To Move Mountains, Tend To The Gardens You Can Touch

Don’t Try To Move Mountains, Tend To The Gardens You Can Touch

We’ve all gone nuts, I mean crazy and it’s ruining us. It’s blinding us, it’s killing us.

There’s this major mindset that has been passed to us just because the world is getting worse daily which is to do the impossible, dream big, solve big problems, making it all look like its a race to solve the biggest problems of the world in order to either be rich or get famous.

I was once in that shoe and I got burnt badly. Fine, I am passionate about the educational system and I felt that if I could solve the “BIG PROBLEM”, I would be crowned a hero and make my billions. The truth is, I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t know how to start, it was a big mountain and I have a shovel.

Everyone else had their big mountains and a shovel so there’s no one who can assist. We all want to win the crown for the world. That is what the motivational speakers say, that is what they big entrepreneurs say, that is what our parents and teachers say. But is it possible to move a mountain with a shovel?

The fact is that we have so much obsessed ourselves with big problems that we do not have any sight left anymore to see what we can actually do. We keep fighting to become very strong to solve that big problem, to win millions of crowds and to build the big companies that we totally overlook how we can win the hearts of the hundreds around us.

Like I said, I was once in that shoe. I have written a post earlier on how SMALL is the new BIG. Truth is, if we all pay attention to the little things out efforts can achieve, we’d begin to build big communities of loyal people. If I want to solve the educational system, why don’t I fix for the first few hundred around me.

It would not lead to frustration, they are in my environment. If I give you a hundred thousand naira to start a business in either your location or another country you don’t know anything about, which would you choose?

Which will have effect and impact?

Don’t try to move that mountain, it’s a trap!!!

Why not tend to the garden you can reach, then create a forest, then make some money and buy a drilling machine.

Lots of youths get burnt out trying to solve big problems and it’s fine if you want to solve big problems but how do you want to solve it?

By commanding the world to help you or by raising faithful tribesmen to help you convince another tribe, then another tribe, then another tribe and like that.

There’s power in small beginnings. Mountains didn’t erupt in a day; you can neither surmount it in a day nor move it on your own.

You cannot do the impossible; start with the possible. I wish those youths trying to be heroes will see this and start small; those who are also frustrated about not getting the impact they want would also see this, and those who are trying to make more money would read this.

SMALL is the new BIG. Start small, build a tribe, and move and expand.

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