DukaPress Allows Anyone To Create an Online Shop


DukaPress is an e-commerce platform that allows you to easily create your own online shop. It is a  downloadable template that users download and install on a host server. They can then customise the platform to suit their specific needs including payment options, product display and theming (look and feel). DukaPress comes with all the features anyone needs to setup and run online shop. It is customisable and adaptable to various types of shop setups.


DukaPress is a simple and free WordPress e-commerce system. It is open source. With DukaPress you can quickly and easily set up a fully featured online shop which can be used to sell digital or physical goods to customers all over the world.


The main reason why we chose to build DukaPress instead of using already existing platforms was because no other WordPress based e-commerce tool provides its users with what we feel are essential features of an e-commerce system. With DukaPress, we have made these features both free of charge and simple to use.

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