Eight Emerging Strategies Influenced by Tablets

This is an excellent piece which we received in any email from iSuppli. We have adapted it for relevance below.


Media tablets are the most influential consumer electronics devices being mobilized.  Because these devices are flexible and adaptable in terms of use cases and applications, they are influencing every node of the electronics value chain from suppliers, to device manufacturers, to mobile network operators, to third-party applications and services.


Here are eight examples of strategies that were influenced by the proliferation of media tablets across the value chain:

  • Qualcomm’s acquisition of Atheros
  • nVidia’s acquisition of Icera.
  • nVidia’s announcement of a one-year processor upgrade cycle.
  • Intel’s acquisition of Infineon’s wireless business.
  • Intel’s tri-gate 22nm strategy.
  • MNOs transitioning to tiered data pricing plans.
  • MNOs experimenting with family data plans.
  • Cloud services announcements by Apple, Google and more.


(MNOs means major national operators. Examples include at&t, Verizon, Orange, MTN, Airtel, Glo, in various nations)


Excitement around media tablets seems to be unmatched due to the virtually unlimited range of value-added services and applications that they enable. And because they seem to transcend from simply being another cool gadget into a virtual storefront with potential to generate revenue from a number of downstream businesses, we expect to see more strategies influenced by these devices in the months and years to come.


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